Sympathy for Lady Vengance

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘vengeance’ is defined as a “punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong”. For many of our ancestors, vengeance was the only way to get justice, because there were no official institutions that meted it out.

Several scientific studies point out the chemical pleasure that vengeance can give. Oddly enough, in the exact moment in which revenge is carried out, our brain segregates the same hormone that is released when our stomach is full. We have the same feeling after eating and once we have accomplished our very own avenging action: we are satiated, satisfied by that pressing need of equalling the balance that seems to be engraved on our DNA.

Then again, is paradigmatic that vengeance, something as old as prostitution and as pleasant as food, is socially looked down upon.

Because of a recent personal experience, it was born in me the need of fulfilling that desire of revenge.
‘Sympathy For Lady Vengeance’ is the result of executing.

© Pau Roig