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Germanic mythology tells us about the figure of the cursed twin, the doppelgänger, which is nothing more than our own dark side, something that we desperately try to repress, to not let surface, so anybody else will not see it. We were all children once after all, and scared of the dark, even if that is something inherent in us.

It is the same with the city: there are parts of it filled with light and life, crowded with people wan- dering through the streets. There is a part of the city that wants to be seen for its class, its hustle and bustle, its activity and its beauty. But we have the other side of the coin as well: entire neighbor- hoods where there is not a living soul; just de- serted avenues, deteriorated buildings and identic constructions.

My project, Doppelgänger, wants to take out the anonymity of these areas, to embellish them by making them visible. They are my common places, the ones that I walk through every day and that
no one seems to appreciate despite their singular beautifulness and their repetitive form and structure.

I have been searching for this kind of places for a year and a half.

I began with common locations, spots that just at- tracted my attention when I walked by while going home, to the university or to work.

Once I structured and started the project, I searched throughout all the neighborhoods of Barcelona for places of similar aesthetics, with that natural spark that made me stop to shoot the photography.änger_01.jpgänger_02.jpgänger_03.jpgänger_04.jpgänger_05.jpgänger_06.jpgänger_07.jpgänger_08.jpgänger_09.jpgänger_10.jpgänger_11.jpgänger_12.jpgänger_13.jpgänger_14.jpgänger_15.jpgänger_16.jpgänger_17.jpgänger_18.jpgänger_19.jpgänger_20.jpg